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Fryday Foodie – Myanmar

On our visit to Myanmar, we visited Rangoon Tea House.

Rangoon Tea House is a staple restaurant in Yangon frequented by locals and foreigners alike. It is a modern recreation of an old, colonial-era restaurant. The cuisine is inspired from that of local tea shops, whose traditions stretch back to when Burma was a part of British India. They pride themselves on being a celebration of the cities cultural history and culinary diversity.

They have seats near their windows which can give you a nice view of the busy Yangon streets. Unfortunately, we were not lucky enough to find a window seat, but got seated upstairs at a table close to some local books; which we enjoyed looking through even though we couldn’t read any of them. Their menu, however, was very user friendly with English descriptions of their food as well as their teas.

If you have the privilege to dine at Rangoon Tea House you MUST try the Taiwanese Bao. We had the aubergine (eggplant) Bao which was extremely delicious. So good that we order a second one.  Additionally, the jackfruit and Cashew Biryani and aubergine curry was mouthwatering.


We also enjoyed a nice cup of local Myanmar Tea – Laphet Yay, which gives you a choice of sixteen flavors, all depended on your own flavor palette. For their teas, they offer you a picture menu showing exactly how much tea, milk and condensed milk they use in each, so you can know exactly how strong or sweet your chosen tea will be.

Dining at Rangoon Tea House was truly a great way to end a busy day of walking the streets of Yangon.

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