Monday Money – Myanmar

People would often ask us if Myanmar is an expensive country to travel. We would always say ‘expensive is relative’. You can travel in luxury which would make it an expensive trip, or you could do in on a budget, take local transport, stay in cheap hostels, which would, of course, be cheaper.

Personally we like to travel somewhere in between these two extremes. We do enjoy the occasional luxury hotel or fancy restaurant or crazy activity, but we try to keep our travels high budget to mid-range.

Myanmar was no exception. We hired a personal driver and tour guide.

Because we decided to do a guided tour to ease the planning and maximise our time there, we ended up paying a bit more, but it was truly a bit more for comfort and peace of mind.

Our overall cost for accommodation, breakfast and sightseeing for 5 days was about 955USD per person.

We then also flew between Yangon, Bagan and Heho, which respectively cost us:

Yangon to Bagan    115USD per person

Bagan to Heho        95USD per person (Inle Lake)

Heho to Yangon     115USD per person

Our additional daily expenses which included lunch, dinner, souvenirs and tips: 25USD per person per day (This is very dependent on your spending habits). We are not big souvenir buyers, so we can get by with a little less. But getting a piece of clothing or a nice bracelet is something we do ever so often.

So, our expenses came up to 1,405USD per person, which excludes our flight to and from Myanmar. With flights it all depend on where you are flying from, and what airline you are willing to use. We flew economy with Spring Airlines from Shanghai, China.

Even though we travel on a budget and try to keep to it as much as possible, we are firm believers in the saying “Travel is the only thing you buy that makes you richer.”



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