Self-Care Sunday – Myanmar

Taking care of yourself is such an important activity. And staying well during your travels is also very important. We always try to take some time out of our busy travel schedule to focus on our wellness. This can range from an extensive spa day to just enjoying a sunset on the beach.

Myanmar was no different. Even with our jam-packed itinerary, we still took the time to take care of ourselves and focus on our own well-being.

We really enjoyed sitting on the restaurant’s deck and watching the boats ride by at sundown with a refreshing drink. This is not only an inexpensive activity, but also put our souls at rest. This is the part of the trip that made Anlia fall completely in love with Myanmar and as she puts it ‘soothed her soul’. Make sure to wear insect repellant if this is something you would also enjoy doing.

Another self-care option, is to try the tradition thanaka. Today in Myanmar, this ancient human impulse for self-beautification remains on bold display everywhere. People of all backgrounds wear a pale yellow paste made from pulverized tree bark that is painted onto their faces, which is called thanaka. Even though it is mostly used by the woman, it can also be used by men and children.

Never forget to take care of yourself, even during your travels.

2 Replies to “Self-Care Sunday – Myanmar”

  1. Hi! I was visiting your YouTube channel and just had to tell you what a sweet and special couple you are. Your love for one another and life is so inspiring. I will love following your adventures now. I wasn’t able to comment on the youtube videos because comments were turned off so I came here. I am going to find your Instagram too. I am an old married woman who wishes I had documented our adventures as a young newlywed better before social media took over. Thank you for sharing!

    1. Dana & Anlia 10 months ago

      Hi Sherry, thanks so much for your kind words. We completely understand about being late to the “social media party”. We’ve traveled to countless countries and are only now starting to use social media as a platform to inspire and educate others. Thanks again and we look forward to providing more engaging travel content!

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