Staycation Saturday – Kenya

Surrounded by the breathtaking Indian Ocean, soft white sands, lush greenery and the striking shades of turquoise blue that emerges from its clear warm waters, Diani is one of Kenya’s most relaxing beaches. It is the perfect place to get away from the stress of everyday life or to relax before and after an exhilarating safari. With its 17 kilometers of beautiful, flawless, soft white sand, Diani Beach has been awarded the best beach destination in Africa for 5 years running. Diani also boasts some amazing resorts right on the beaches. We stayed at the all-inclusive Diani Sea Resort which is located in Mombasa Beach surround by crystal clear waters and sprawling coconut trees.

When we arrived we were welcomed with a nice refreshing non-alcoholic drink and cold towels. We got to sit back and relax while a staff member initiated the incredibly smooth check-in process for us. Once we were checked in, we were escorted to our room by another staff member who took our luggage to our room. As we walked to the room, we passed the pool area and restaurants, towards the ocean, which is a spectacular view in itself.

After arriving in our room we are shown where everything was located and how it worked before being left to unwind and enjoy the beautiful scenery from our balcony. As we traveled during a pandemic, the thing that we liked a lot about our first introduction to this amazing resort is the fact that they gave each of their guests a face mask. We absolutely loved this and used it often during our stay there.

The resort is also all inclusive, which takes a lot of stress out of your stay. You don’t have to calculate how much things cost, worry what your bill would be at the end of your stay, make financial choices when you are having dinner and can order any cocktail while relaxing next to the pool or beach. We were often greeted by waiters who would take our orders and bring our drinks or food right to us as we enjoyed the African sun and calm refreshing waters. It’s a lifestyle we have become accustomed to during many of our travels.

Each night there is a small buffet dinner with some good choices and they would also have some kind of traditional show for us to enjoy and even offer some activities during the day for the whole family. Their pool was as amazing as the beach, with 3 parts and its own little water slide. We got to look at the monkeys jumping from tree to tree as we were enjoying the pool. Of course, there are staff members with sling shots to make sure the monkeys don’t disturb your relaxation or steal your things.

If walking around or getting out of the resort is more the speed you are looking for, there is a small local market with food and souvenirs within walking distance from the hotel. You can also get a mini tukt-tuk taxi to take you further into town – but be sure to negotiate a price before getting in. With an all inclusive resort, after doing some great safaris and being on some difficult gravel roads, you probably would just want to relax and soak up all the goodness this resort has to offer.

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