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Travel Tips Tuesday – Myanmar

When traveling to a new country there is always things to take into consideration. Sometimes we expect things to be the same as it would be in our own country, but more often than not we’ve found that there are unplanned surprises and hiccups. We are always keen on asking people for tips and tricks of countries we want to travel to, and even then we still learn some things on the way. Here are some travel tips to take in mind when heading off to Myanmar:

  • Make sure to bring cash as ATMs and card machines are limited.

Using cash is the ideal way to pay for things in Myanmar. We found some places would not accept cards at all, or the internet connection is very weak which makes the machines not work properly. We found the latter to be especially true in Inle Lake.

  • Make sure to bring sunscreen when going to Inle Lake. You take a motorboat to your hotel and it can be very hot.

To get to Inle Lake you have to take a small boat. These boats are simple motorboats with no shading. It can take up to an hour to get to the area you’re staying at with some spectacular views on the way. The sun could get really hot and could take its toll on you. Make sure you have some covering that would not blow away, but most importantly put on some sunscreen to protect yourself and enjoy the journey fully.

  • Boats will stop running at dusk so make sure you organize your trip accordingly.

At Inle Lake there is a curfew for boats, as they are not allowed to be out and about after dark. So if you’re planning to head there (which is highly recommended) make sure you plan your trip to or from your accommodation during daylight times.

  • Hot air balloons in Bagan are from October to April.

Unfortunately, we missed the hot air balloon rides in Bagan because of being there ‘out of season’. We actually left Bagan the day before they started back with the Hot Air Balloons. So if this is something that is a must for your travels, make sure to go between October and April, so you don’t run into disappointment.

These are just a few things we learned on our travels there. Do leave a comment if you have more tips on traveling to this amazing country.

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  1. Good hints and tips. Somewhere I really want to visit. Thank you for sharing this post.

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